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International Weekends

The world is becoming more international, more connected. Globalisation is bringing together countries, continents, regions and cultures. Instead of responding with a separatist attitude, we want to think outside the box, broaden our horizons and have fun questioning our own perspectives. That’s why, on three weekends each season, we’ll be engaging in a dialogue with a particular region or country on a mutually relevant theme. Last season we held weekends with artists from Africa, the Czech Republic and Great Britain.

Import/Export Café

In our monthly Import/Export Café we enlarge on the discussion topics of the international weekends.

> Import/Export: Klasse! (2023/24)

> Import/Export: Between generations (2022/23)

> Import/Export: Earth (2021/22)

> Import/Export: Slovenia (2019/20)

> Import/Export: China (2019/20)

> Import/Export Turkey: being (from) here (2019/20)

> Import/Export: Great Britain (2018/19)

> Import/Export: Czech Republic (2018/19)

> Import/Export: Africa (2018/19)

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