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I feel good here!

Kids dart across the rehearsals stage and strike up the Children’s Opera Choir song from “Carmen”. Teens from the Junge Staatsphilharmonie are in the Orchestersaal playing their instruments or singing in the practice rooms. The youth drama club has gathered in the canteen to trim down the play they’ve written. The Ukrainian improvisation troupe and the Ukrainian Children’s Choir are doing a joint performance and the seniors are surprised to discover that Tamara Kafka has been steering the fortunes of their group for the last 30 years. The 200 or so members of our ensemble, from all walks of life, are right where they want to be, tapping into the theatre with all that it and they have to offer.

School children, too, work on material with the Musikschule and their primary and secondary schools and present it on the opera stage or at venues across the city – all within the framework of a well-oiled drama machine led by staff whose pleasure it is to open doors to youngsters keen to immerse themselves in all things theatre. This season the Staatstheater hosts productions involving over a thousand children, teenagers and adults.

The 18th Bavarian festival of youth drama clubs will be a highlight of the season. Over a single long weekend twelve clubs will stage their productions at the Staatstheater, Theater Mummpitz, Theater Pfütze or Gostner Hoftheater. Bühne frei! The stage is yours!

Anja Sparberg and the Theaterpädagogik PLUS team

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Cultural formation is writ large in all departments of the Staatstheater “Cultural formation at the Staatstheater Nürnberg”.

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