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"Art is not a luxury, not a chocolate bar that you could do without. Art and theatre are needed, at every age. We need them to learn to understand the world and ourselves. Watching theatre and playing theatre are two sides of the same coin. Experiencing theatre, on stage or in the auditorium, gives us a glimpse of what makes us human and how we can live together in a free, open-minded, emancipated, diverse and sustainable society." - Claudia Roth, Minister of State for Culture on the occasion of the "World Day of Theatre for Young Audiences".

Or to put it another way: Every child should have been to the theatre at least once in a school year and should have stood on stage at least once. We work towards this goal together with the city's children's and youth theatres, schools and school theatre groups, independent theatres and all organisations that want to give children and young people a stage where they can experience themselves as a community in direct contact.

We look forward to playful, experimental, collaborative, artistic encounters and a season filled with art and culture.

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Twice or three times a season we bring teachers and other interested parties up to date on all the facts relating to drastic discounts for school children and our programme of musical theatre and concerts for youngsters. If you would like to receive notifications, please send a short email to: theaterpaedagogik(at)

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Cultural formation is writ large in all departments of the Staatstheater “Cultural formation at the Staatstheater Nürnberg”.

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