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Making Theatre 

Our clubs operate in the digital sphere and in the analogue world. We’re looking forward to a theatrical summer!

Go out, get out!

A project about masks, with masks, but definitely not without masks. We examine the subject of masks from a fresh perspective – and have fun in the transformative process. We plunder the archives, reach into the paint pot and reinvent ourselves. In a three-step process consisting of digital workshop, photo shoot in the empty theatre and choreography in public spaces we leave our indoor safe zone and go out into the fresh air again: colourful, dazzling, full of joie de vivre. We are there with the new and unsettling experience that we have gained and which has laid bare our vulnerability. We want to team up with others to conquer the streets and squares again. Players are from the youth club and the inclusive club.

Avoir le cafard

“3 Sisters” by Anton Chekhov has been a focus of the Tuesday club since the emergence of the pandemic. Their yearning to be somewhere else while simultaneously marking time but not moving has had us coming up constantly with new mind games and stage ideas. And since the 3 sisters and their brother Andrei placed such value on speaking French, we have given an appropriate name to our grappling with their great fatigue and even depression: Avoir le cafard!


What does my favourite song sound like? What places inspire me to write it? And what it’s got to do with other people? Six youngsters set off on a wild autumnal mood trip in the digital sphere. Summer will tell us where the singing leads us ...

“Be Europe – or: Just give us a moment to save the planet”

A City of Culture project with pupils of Veit-Stoß-Realschule, teacher Inga Brauer and Team PLUS (Anja Sparberg, Philipp Roosz, Ingo Schweiger)
The initial idea was to write a play on the subject of Europe. The end result is a radio play and a wonderful Making-Of portraying the rehearsals and ideas that have been in a constant state of flux over the last turbulent twelve months. Together with choreographer, videographer and lately radio play expert Ingo Schweiger, the school theatre group has risen to the challenge of every conceivable artistic experiment. Because one thing has always been clear: tales of heroism must out.


Under the banner “Let’s set up an INTERNATIONAL COURT OF JUSTNESS FOR CHILDREN!”, children and teenagers around the world take part in artistic initiatives on the theme of fairness and send their thoughts to Nuremberg. In October 2021 an exhibition in Cube 600 – a former workshop opposite Hall 600 – will be showcasing practical ideas suitable for this INTERNATIONAL COURT OF JUSTNESS FOR CHILDREN and coming to preliminary decisions. Schools in and around Nuremberg have likewise been latching onto the paper theatre, Staatstheater and the Memorium Nuremberg Trials as a way of reflecting on the subject of international law. Each new generation has to work out its own way of approaching German history, finding answers and identifying new areas of focus.

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