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Audio plays with appropriate fun ideas in our digital archive:

A different kind of animal carnival – a musical tale for primary school children

Jonas’s little grandma – a musical tale for children aged 4 and over

Voices of the future

A new neighbour moves into an apartment building. Hardly anyone notices, and no one knows about the ideas and music that the stranger spends his time tinkering away at. After all, everyone’s focused on their own little worlds. But gradually the music student comes to enchant the whole neighbourhood with tiny little gestures, intriguing noises and friendly insistence. And everyone comes to realise how nice living together in a colourful community can be. We have teamed up with the Nuremberg Music School and KinderKunstRaum to give third-grade children and their teachers a framework for their own creativity in this digital project: musically, creatively, playfully.


Members of the State Philharmonic Orchestra perform as orchestra sponsors outside and inside kindergartens, primary schools, retirement homes - wherever music meets open ears and open hearts. The mobile children’s opera “Mr Orpheus goes to school” can be booked by primary schools, while “Jonas’s little grandma” goes on a tour of kindergartens (ages 4+). Please note that that this project is subject to modifications in line with anti-pandemic policy changes.


Once again this season we are working on analogue and digital formats with the Berlin Initiative app2music_DE and the Nuremberg City Library. In addition to a monthly jam session in the city library, creative collectives have sprung up in schools and institutions across the city. Orpheus’s operatics and Beethoven’s beats serve us as inspiration for our own music-making.

I like having guests round ...

Regrettably, workshops for senior citizens are on hold at the moment – but we are already looking forward to invitations, as soon as it’s possible to send them out.

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