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Gold­berg (world pre­mie­re)

Choreographies by Goyo Montero

Friday, 04/11/2022

07.00 PM - 08.30 PM

Public Rehearsal


Abo Q

Goyo Montero bietet erste Einblicke in seine Neukreation zu den weltberühmten „Goldberg-Variationen“ von J.S. Bach, die mit einer Komposition des kanadischen Klangkünstlers Owen Belton behutsam verwoben werden. Es bietet sich die exklusive Gelegenheit, das Ensemble bei der Arbeit zu beobachten und den Entwicklungsprozess des diesjährigen Orchester-Balletts unmittelbar mitzuverfolgen.

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Music: J. S. Bach (Goldberg Variations BWV 988), Owen Belton (new composition)

The music of Johann Sebastian Bach occupies a special place in the oeuvre of Goyo Montero. As with “Vasos Comunicantes” and “Monade”, the Nuremberg director of ballet has often drawn his inspiration from Bach’s music, most recently from the world-famous Goldberg Variations. With his choreography Goyo Montero portrays an imaginary world, a “book of dreams”, as it were, in which he explores and reflects on the diffuse space between waking state, dreams and deep sleep. What happens when a person falls asleep? The choreographer’s elaborate preparations found him studying the findings of sleep researchers and looking into phenomena such as lucid dreams, narcolepsy, REM sleep and deep sleep – including what happens within the body during these different states. Owen Belton, Montero's long-standing artistic partner, will once again combine excerpts from this complex original work with a brand-new composition of his own.

Photo © Jesús Vallinas


Musical Director

Konzept und Choreografie






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